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A Staff Retention Focus Group For District Leaders


School Wellbeing Solutions runs a monthly focus group with current school and district administrators to better understand school and district realities of staff wellbeing, retention, and recruitment. We’d love to hear from you!

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Staff Retention & Wellbeing

  • Are you struggling to retain top talent in your school or district?
  • Are you tired of constantly training new staff members to replace those who have left?
  • Do you have ideas on improving teacher retention rates and the well-being of educators that you’d like to share with others?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we would like to hear from you at our next Staff Retention Focus Group. This group is specifically designed to help school and district leaders identify the root causes of staff turnover and develop strategies to improve retention.

Help the national conversation! Join our Staff Retention Focus Group and help us work towards a strong and stable workforce of educators.


  • Networking opportunities: The focus group provides an opportunity for school and district administrators to connect with and learn from their peers in similar positions. They can exchange ideas, best practices, and strategies for addressing staff retention and wellbeing.
  • Insights and knowledge sharing: Participants will have the chance to share their own expertise and experiences around staff retention and wellbeing. They will also gain insights and information from the perspectives of others in the field, which can help inform their own decision making and initiatives.
  • Contribution to a larger effort: By participating in the focus group, administrators will be contributing to a larger effort to understand and improve the state of teacher wellbeing and retention. Their input will help inform the report on the state of teacher wellbeing and retention and help drive forward the conversation and solutions in this area.

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The focus group is an opportunity for school and district administrators to come together and have an open and honest conversation about the challenges of staff retention and wellbeing. It is a space where participants can share their experiences and expertise, learn from one another, and collaborate on solutions to these pressing issues.

The focus group is designed to foster a supportive and inclusive environment where all participants feel comfortable sharing their insights and ideas. It will provide an opportunity for attendees to gain a deeper understanding of the causes and effects of staff retention and wellbeing challenges and contribute to the development of an actionable report on the state of teacher wellbeing and retention.

The focus group is a valuable opportunity for administrators to connect with their peers and make a meaningful contribution to the field of education, which can have a positive impact on the school and district communities they serve.