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K12 workers face higher levels of burnout than workers in any other industry.

They face many challenges.

why do teachers & leaders burnout?

What is the Resilience Journey™?

The Resilience Journey is a comprehensive approach to building resilient leadership and staff within educational settings. It focuses on developing the skills that enhance personal growth, communication, empathy, and team dynamics, aiming to create a thriving school culture that supports high staff retention and student outcomes.

Who is the Resilience Journey for?


District Superintendents and their teams


K12 Principals and Assistant Principals


Academic and Special Services Supervisors


Teachers & Staff


Noncertified K12 employees


Central Office / Payroll / Accounting

What are the outcomes of the Resilience Journey?

Resilience Journey Program @ Lawrence Township Public School

Lawrence Township Public School District in New Jersey was facing severe staff shortages and an unprecedented stressors for leaders to manage. The district turned to School Wellbeing Solutions Resilience Journey to support leaders in developing personal and professional resilience and in creating conditions for improved teacher and staff wellbeing. Take a look at the case study report for the results.

I would highly recommend Martín to work with any leadership team. He really has the skill to help them grow to be better for our students.

Testimonial Item

Dr. Ross Kasun

2017 New Jersey Superintendent of the Year

This was the most meaningful professional development that we’ve engaged with as a leadership team.

Testimonial Item

Sean Fry

Director of Personnel, Lawrence Township Public Schools

SWBS makes it personal. That's what makes this program the most impactful. Other professional sessions I've attended were a great source of information but SWBS gives you that opportunity to apply it and keep it ongoing.

Testimonial Item

Dr. Adrienne Wasserleben

Asst. Principal

Take a Sneak Peek inside the

Resilience Journey Modules!

Session 1 – Who Are You and Who Do You Want to Be?

Examine the gap between your current state and your ideal vision. Identifying pain points and envisioning your ideal characteristics. Embracing these characteristics leads to benefits such as improved well-being and enhanced performance. Learn about the science of how optimism can be learned and developed to improve resilience.

Session 2 - Thinking Traps & Obstacles to Wellbeing

Connection to the previous session where participants have identified pain points, ideal performance and the gap. Now investigate why this gap exists and how can this gap be bridged

Session 3 – Explore Your Character Strengths

Participants engage in self-analysis to identify strengths and areas for growth in relation to their present situation and the gap with their vision of the Best Self. By aligning their strengths with their goals, participants make meaningful progress towards their desired state of being and performance.

Session 4 – Develop The Noticing Muscle - Mindfulness

In this module, we discover the transformative power of mindfulness for stress management and personal growth. Cultivate a deeper sense of awareness, more effectively embed habits and manage stress. This module appeals to both beginner & experienced meditators and adds a valuable experiential layer to the Resilience Journey.

Session 5 - Incorporating Breathing &/or Biofeedback

To overcome anxiety and excel in stressful situations, aligning our physiology, emotions, and mind is crucial. Biofeedback helps us understand how emotions show up in our body. Using biofeedback and breathing, we improve our stress response and optimize performance. Integrating biofeedback and breathing practices and aligning our mind-body connection, we can conquer anxiety and thrive in challenging circumstances.

Session 6 - Cultivate Empathy & Communication

A meaningful aspect of wellbeing and resilience is relationships with others. Let’s explore some evidence-based ways to support improved relationships and difficult conversations.

Session 7 – Effective Team Dynamics

Formulate and discuss ideas of how you can bring knowledge into practice with others. How you will leverage your strengths and skills to radiate resilience in your teams and build psychological safety and commitment to excellence in your work environment?

Session 8 – Practice and Beyond

In this concluding session, reflect on the learning experience and the concepts. Emphasis on the importance of discipline and practice to achieve results.

Pre-Post Impact: Results from the Resilience Journey

  • Confidence in building positive & supportive K12 culture 88% 88%
  • Higher commitment towards Improving my own wellbeing 83% 83%
  • Increased skill in handling of change and uncertainty 79% 79%
  • Improvement in emotional and mental health 63% 63%

“I have the tools and skills to improve wellbeing of my school/district”

  • Before Resilience Journey (Avg.) 30% 30%
  • After Resilience Journey (Avg.) 80% 80%

About the R@W Framework

School Wellbeing Solutions is an accredited user of R@W Resilience at Work Model

School Wellbeing Solutions coaches and facilitators are certified to use the R@W Resilience at Work Framework, Scale, and Materials. The R@W Scale is a scientifically researched measure of individual workplace resilience developed by organizational psychologist Kathryn McEwen and colleagues that measures the seven components that interrelate and contribute to overall resilience in professional settings. This model, as well as other validated wellbeing frameworks such as PERMA (Seligman, 2012) and the VIA Character Strengths Survey provide an evidence-based framework for our 1-1 coaching sessions and allow for relevant and useful pre-post impact reporting for our partner districts. 

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Living Authenticaly

Knowing and holding onto your personal values, deploying your strengths, and having a good level of emotional awareness and regulation

Finding your calling

Having work that offers purpose and a sense of belonging. Alligning work with your core values and beliefs

Maintaining perspective

Staying optimistic and keeping a solution focus when things go wrong. Reframing setbacks and minimizing impact any regativity around you

Mastering Stress

Having work and life routines that help you manage your everyday stressors. working to create working life balance and ensuring time for relaxation and recovery

Interacting Cooperatively

Seeking feesback, advice and support and also providing support readily to others

Staying Healthy

Maintaining a good level of physical fitness, having a healthy diet and getting adeqate sleep

Building networks

Developing and maintaining the personal and professional support networks needed at home and work in order to perform well in your job.

About the Facilitators & Coaches

Martin Blank, MAPP

Martín Blank, MAPP a former K12 teacher and administrator and current educational consultant and founder of School Wellbeing Solutions. He has worked with over 300 schools and districts invested in improving the well-being of students, teachers and staff through social-emotional learning (SEL) interventions and is the author of the Astronauts SEL turn-key 30-week curriculum. His research with the University of Pennsylvania makes the case that SEL interventions should incorporate physiological measures of resilience into practice and assessment. He was the 2019 recipient of the Christopher Peterson Memorial Fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania’s Master of Applied Positive Psychology program, where he studied with the world’s leading researchers in the fields of human strengths, thriving, optimism, and resilience, including Dr. Angela Duckworth and Dr. Martin Seligman. He has personally reached over 15,000 teachers, students, and administrators, is a grant-recipient from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Sequoia Healthcare District and Shinnyo-En USA. His work helping students and teachers manage stress in the wake of student suicides has been featured on PBS Nova’s The Future of Schools. 

Trecia Borgo, ACC, MA, MAPP

Over the last 25 years, Trecia has enhanced the resilience and wellbeing of individuals in 1-1 and group settings. Trecia is known for her warm, evidence-based approach, integrating various modalities and the latest scientific research to support emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Her mission is to empower others to lead thriving, purpose-driven lives. Trecia has completed specialized trainings and certifications in the areas of Integrative Somatics, Polyvagal Theory and trauma healing. Trecia works with clients in overcoming cognitive patterns and mental blocks, helping them harness the power of physiology in shifting their relationship to stress, anxiety and fear, ultimately empowering them to have breakthroughs that often take years of therapy.

She holds a master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology from The University of Pennsylvania and M.A. in Journalism and Public Relations from University of Southern California. She is currently pursuing doctoral studies in Educational Psychology and Leadership at USC. Beyond her professional achievements, Trecia is an Internationally Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, former actress, and competitive Latin dancer. She currently resides in Southern California.

Joshua Steinfeldt, MAPP

Joshua Steinfeldt, MAPP holds a Masters Degree in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania where he pioneered research into the role of courage in coaching under the mentorship of Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener, a leading authority in positive psychology coaching. Deeply interested in how contemplative practices and modern science can support people in thriving, he leverages his experiences as a meditation teacher, his training in positive psychology, and his work as a coach to create transformative learning experiences. Joshua has served as an Assistant Instructor in Positive Psychology at UPenn, a Fellow at Compassion Institute, a mindfulness teacher at UCLA, and for nearly 5 years managed the coach community at BetterUp (the largest digital coaching startup in the world) – helping to grow the community from 1,200 to 3,000+ professional coaches in over 70 countries. Prior to BetterUp Joshua attained over 5,000 hours of coaching experience, and trained hundreds of coaches as a faculty member of ICF accredited coach training programs. His podcast, The Courageous Life – named “One of the 6 Best Mental Health Podcasts to Listen to” by Talkspace, features world-renowned thought leaders in deep and authentic conversations about what matters most in life, work and love. For more:

Laura Blank, SPHR

Laura Blank, SPHR, is an accomplished change management specialist and executive coach who focuses on helping organizations achieve their goals through effective strategy, people and process design, and human resources practices. With a deep understanding of organizational values and culture, Laura works closely with leaders to design and implement initiatives that drive growth, employee retention, and overall organizational effectiveness and wellbeing.

Laura brings a wealth of experience to School Wellbeing Solutions, having served as the Director of Talent and Operations for a national professional services nonprofit where she provided consulting services in the areas of Racial Equity, PK-12 Education, Economic Mobility, and Community Health. Additionally, she founded and successfully ran Wilderskills, an outdoors education company based in California, and has worked in both the tech startup and corporate sectors.

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