Loss of Social Status for Teachers Means Leaders Must Increase Retention Efforts

August 4, 2023

We hear it from teachers and leaders everyday. Teaching and working in schools no longer comes with the same level of societal respect as before.

Working conditions for teachers and school staff are have unfortunately not kept pace with advancements in employee experiences in other sectors, specifically private sectors. Educators work in emotionally intense and laborious professions and must embody and display high levels of resilience to maintain their jobs for extended periods. It is not an easy profession.

In fact,

79% of New Jersey teachers would not recommend the line of work to their friends or family members

This creates a challenge for school leaders who are tasked with not only recruiting educators to serve the students who enroll in their districts, but also retain the high quality teachers that already work there. 

Part of this means creating conditions for positive work climates – conditions that lead to increased student achievement and wellbeing, but also to increased engagement, wellbeing, collaboration, positive emotion, and professional growth of educators. It has never been more important to set up these systems and conditions.

However, these conditions require high levels of psychological safety, emotional and behavioral regulation, discretion, respect, and the cultivation of mattering, compassion and resilience on leadership teams (see Appendix).

The Resilience Journey touches on topics that facilitate the development of the skills that lead to these conditions.  

If you’re interested in helping your leaders create the conditions needed for staff wellbeing and retention, reach out today – we’d love. to hear from you.

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