We Help K12 Leaders to Resolve Deep Issues, Reduce Stress, Reconnect, Re-Inspire their Teams, and Redefine their Cultures.

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Trusted by over 20 U.S. K12 School Districts and thousands of leaders, educators, staff, and board members nationwide.

Teacher burnout and turnover affects the whole school community. Lasting solutions go beyond temporary fixes — they require addressing core stressors. At School Wellbeing Solutions, we empower leaders to create a thriving culture, starting with their own wellbeing.

Because when leaders flourish, they have the capacity to create positive, resilient, and supportive climates for everyone.

So first, be well.

How We Help Schools and Districts


Create Conditions for K12 Thriving as a Leadership Team

The Resilience Journey™ is a comprehensive approach to building resilient leadership and staff within educational settings. It focuses on developing the skills that enhance personal growth, communication, empathy, and team dynamics, aiming to create a thriving school culture that supports high staff retention and student outcomes. Click this Card for more info.


Leadership Resilience Coaching

1-1 Individual coaching sessions designed to deepen the application of reislience skills, work through personal and professional stressors, and create breakthroughs. Offered as a core component of the Resilience Journey and as standalone packages.


Applied Positive Psychology Workforce Interventions

Climate Elevator is a Phase. 2 opportunity for teams who have finished the Resilience Journey andare ready to more deeply apply Positive Organizational Dyanmics to their teams, districts, schools, and organizations.

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What our clients are saying...

"Most impressive has been staff's retention of interest and their efficacy in turning the teachings into practice. It's been a win-win experience all around. The teachers who started working with Martín in 2020 still look forward to his sessions to this day. Most other providers cannot sustain staff commitment to learning and translate that learning into practice..."

Testimonial Item

Rick Cohen

Chief Academic Officer of Secondary Education Edison Township School District

“I did not have time to analyze our school’s climate and culture data and create a presentation I could share with my team. SWBS helped us understand and share our data trends meaningfully. With this data, Martín helped facilitate conversations with our leadership team to formulate team-aligned strategies for the retention and wellbeing of our teachers.”

Testimonial Item

Nikki Dennis

Director of Talent Recruitment Tulsa School District

" Mr. Blank’s has developed a comprehensive and well-thought out program for helping increase psychological wellbeing for teachers and school children...he has impressed me not only through his passion for teaching students and teachers to manage their emotions and stress levels, but in his commitment to learn research skills to measure the impact of his program’s effectiveness."

Testimonial Item

Dr. Fred Luskin

Director Stanford University Forgiveness Projects

"There's often not many times where you can do some professional development with your leadership group that helps them grow as people, grow as a team and give them some tools and strategies that they can use immediately with their staff.

I would highly recommend [SWBS] to work with any leadership team."

Testimonial Item

Dr. Ross Kasun

NJ 2017 Superintendent of the Year Lawrence Township Public Schools

“Most providers will tell you that the answer you're looking for is out there and we're going to give it to you. This isn't that. This is empowering others to find the answers and solutions within. That's what I think this training does that no others do.”

Testimonial Item

Dr. David Gentile

Superintendent Ewing Public Schools, NJ

“Martín is a vital part of any school’s effort to help adults build resilience. Thanks to Mr. Blank’s guidance and support, we’ve been able to make progress towards our staff well-being, retention, and engagement goals and look forward to a continued partnership with SWBS into the foreseeable future. I cannot recommend SWBS and Mr. Blank highly enough as an advisor, consultant, coach, and facilitator of positive interventions in school settings, from the superintendent’s office to the classroom, and everywhere in between.

Testimonial Item

Dr. Scott Taylor

Former Superintendent Township of Union Public Schools

Other Services

Conferences & Keynotes

Conference-aligned, engaging, evidence-based sessions on fostering resilience, wellbeing, and positive environments in educational settings. Discover transformative strategies for combating burnout, promoting mindful awareness, and creating sustainable support systems for educators and students alike.

“Most other providers cannot sustain staff commitment to learning and translate that learning. into practice” – Richard Cohen, Chief Academic Officer, Edicon Township Schools, NJ

School Climate Data-Based Consulting

Want to know the top factors influencing your staff’s decision to stay or leave? Want to find correlations between student achievement and sucess and staff well-being? Using reliable and validated survey instruments and supplementing existing survey data, pulling interview findings we create customized reports and presentations of findings and recommendations to facilitate evidence-informed decision-making for improving the culture and climate of your organization.

Heart-Rate Variability Biofeedback Training

HRV biofeedback is a technique that measures and provides feedback on heart rate variability (HRV), which is a measure of the variation in time between heartbeats. Research has shown that HRV biofeedback can improve the resilience, wellbeing. social dynamics and stress levels of principals and school district leaders and other K12 staff and students. HRV biofeedback can also improve self-regulation, emotional regulation, and cognitive flexibility, all of which are important factors in resilience.


School Wellbeing Solutions measures and reports the impact of all interventions.

Reduce time and expenses spent repeatedly training staff on initiatives that are not relevant or helpful to them.

Decrease time and energy spent handling conflict and staff dissatisfaction.

Put a halt to negativity and pessimism regarding change and pushback. 

Trigger upward spirals of positive climate indicators, such as collaboration and psychological safety.

Take the first step with your free starter kit 

Your starter kit includes:


5 secrets to improve teacher & staff retention


Why "self-care training" isn't enough


What teachers really need (hint: not pizza parties!)


Wellbeing measures for staff

Wellbeing Insights

“I have never seen my community this engaged and excited “
Lizaday Rancap-Perez, Principal, Newark School District


of a New Jersey K12 district’s leadership team (principals, supervisors, superintendent) reported experiencing “more enjoyable and productive relationships with leadership team” as a result of their participation in the SWBS Resilience Journey™️.

Support from supervisors drives up staff retention intentions by over 2.5X  (SWBS report, p < .005). This support is also strongly correlated with staff feeling more belonging and lower stress.

of over 500 SWBS training & coaching clients said they were “highly satisfied and would recommend it to others.”

97% said their SWBS experience was “highly relevant for my job.” 

SWBS helps schools and districts break the mold to overcome burnout, anxiety and stress rather than becoming another statistic. 

Meet Our Founder


I’m Martín | SWBS Founder

In 2006, I began teaching in the East San Francisco Bay and noticed my students were experiencing chronic stress. To address this, I trained with the International Association for Human Values and taught effective stress-management practices to thousands of educators and students. I was featured on PBS Nova’s The Future of Schools teaching breathing in the wake. of student suicides.
In 2017 I founded Astronauts SEL to infuse emotional identification and regulation in K12.  and in 2019, received the Christopher Peterson Memorial Fellow for the Master of Applied Positive Psychology at UPenn. There, I studied with leading researchers in human flourishing, optimism, and resilience, including Dr. Angela Duckworth and Dr. Marty Seligman. During the COVID pandemic, I shifted my focus to support teacher wellbeing and have reached over 20,000 school-based individuals.
I am grateful to do this work that impacts thousands of students and teachers every year. 

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SWBS Starter Kit Includes:

  • Top 5 obstacles to creating trust on your team.
  • 6 ways to help increase people's sense of mattering.
  • 5 ways to immediately bring down staff complaints.
  • How to design a wellbeing strategy for staff.
  • How to give feedback in ways that will strengthen relationships.

We support schools and districts nationally to improve wellbeing and retention of leaders, teachers & staff.

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