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In collaboration with Edjacent

Fall 2023


12 Months

Live Virtual Classes on Tuesdays, 3.30 PM to 4.30 PM (EST)

Martín Blank, Founder

works with schools and districts interested in improving the well-being of students, teachers and staff through consulting, professional development.

A Community of  Learning & Practice starting on

Launching Fall, 2023

What is the Thriving Educators Series?

The Thriving Educator Series is a project to support schools and district leaders in providing high quality, evidence-based thriving training to wellbeing ambassadors in their organizations and communities. TES will offer sessions for subscribed schools and districts, who would like to send a number of teachers and/or leaders to be participants in weekly sessions.

Think of it like a Mental Gym Membership for K12 Staff.

TES aims to use topics, interventions, and findings from the field of positive psychology and support K12 staff in integrating within their specific contexts.

Join our staff retention focus group for k12 leaders to be a part of a larger solution! This group is designed for educational leaders committed to finding effective strategies for retaining and nurturing top talent. Together, we’ll share ideas, discuss best practices, and work towards our common goal: helping educators thrive.

Concrete Solutions

We don't mess around when it comes to delivering high-quality content. It's time to explore some tools in the industry that actually work.

Made for Educators

Sessions are geared towards educators. The stress of teaching is only a stress you can know if you've been in the classroom.

Lifetime Access

Get lifetime access to weekly live sessions and a growing library of videos and resources regarding the resilience & well-being of educators.

Schools & districts we’ve worked with

“Teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world”


How can you avoid being part of the 55% who burnout? (NEA)

On January 24, 2023, SWBS will premier The Thriving Educator Series, delivered live online every week

Wellbeing Topics Include

The Science & Impact of Optimism and How to Create it within School Settings

Setting and Maintaining Boundaries with Difficult People

Developing Self-Compassion in the Face of Failure

Communicating Effectively in Difficult Situations

Nurturing High-Quality Relationships

How to Manage Physiological & Emotional Stress with Breathing Practices

Learning your Character Strengths for Resilience

How to Integrate and Cultivate Gratitude

Who Should Attend?

These live, online training sessions are designed to guide both Teachers and Administrators on the path to wellness. Participants who miss sessions will have access a growing library of theme-based weekly sessions.

Attendees of SWBS sessions describe them as engaging relevant vulnerable relatable entertaining

Leaderships Groups

Wellbeing Community Monthly Fee

Individual or group pricing for schools or districts

Questions, please email info@schoolwellbeingsolutions.com

Membership Benefits

Lifetime of coping strategies to enhance your well-being, at work and beyond.

New Field

New Field

New Field

In Collaboration with Edjacent

School Wellbeing Solutions is proud to partner with Edjacent in the design and delivery of the Thriving Educator Series.

Edjacent is a design collaborative that empowers educators to create and integrate content, community and coaching that recognizes how we must work outside traditional systems to transform the future of those systems without constraint. Educators affiliated with Edjacent utilize their gifts, talents and skills to revolutionize learning environments and create pathways for the future.

Hear From Our Raving Clients

“I highly recommend…to anyone interested in creating a better environment. …Was fun and inspiring at the same time…excited to make a change in my students’ lives.”

Testimonial Item

Brittany Long

SEL Educator KIPP Schools

“I have become highly interested in positive psychology and look forward to learning even more about it and creating new ways to incorporate it into my life and my career.”

Testimonial Item

Isabelle Filiciello

Speech & Language Pathologist Metuchen Schools

“I have never seen my community this engaged and excited"

Testimonial Item

Lindsay Rancap Perez

Principal Newark School District

“Martín is a vital part of any school’s effort to help adults… build their emotional and mental resilience. Educators cannot neglect the importance of building the stamina required to make it through an entire academic year.

Testimonial Item

Dr. Scott Taylor

Superintendent Union Township School District

Get Your Free Starter Kit

SWBS Starter Kit Includes:

  • Top 5 obstacles to creating trust on your team.
  • 6 ways to help increase people's sense of mattering.
  • 5 ways to immediately bring down staff complaints.
  • How to design a wellbeing strategy for staff.
  • How to give feedback in ways that will strengthen relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions
( FAQ )

In case you don’t see an answer here, we’re always happy to talk with you.
Get in touch at info@schoolwellbeingsolutions.com or just submit the form above

Why should I become a member of the Thriving Educator Community?

This is an opportunity for educators to put into daily practice science-backed strategies for wellbeing, optimism, resilience, and happiness. Cultivating and being a part of a weekly community of educators that are interested in boosting wellbeing is the best way to hold yourself accountable for living your best life.

What if I miss a weekly session?

Don’t worry! As a Thriving Educator Community member, you’ll have access to all recordings of sessions you’ve attended or missed. You can watch on your own time.

Will I have access to the facilitator to ask questions?

Facilitators will be available to answer any questions during, after, and before sessions.

Do I pay for this on my own or is it only through my school district?

We offer both single and group memberships, either directly through our site or via a district Purchase Order.

I'd like to offer this as a benefit for teachers in my district. What should I do?

We have annual memberships available and accept purchase orders for teachers. Many districts are able to use mental health or title funding to support the wellbeing of their teachers.

How will this help my school or district?

Teacher well-being and resilience are shown to be at the core of a school’s climate and its ability to fulfil its mission to support the social, emotional, and academic success of students. Regular weekly immersion into empirically validated well-being frameworks, tools, and strategies contributes to teacher wellbeing and retention.

Can I cancel my membership if I am not satisfied?

Individuals are able to cancel their membership anytime. But we have a feeling you won’t want to.

For Bulk K12 Schools/Districts Membership Inquiry

For Bulk K12 Schools/Districts Membership Inquiry